"But when I read it, I understood why it was highly recommended: although the application domain is quite different, the parallels we can draw are apparent, and it’s refreshing and thought-provoking to see some of our shared problems presented from a different standpoint. ... It’s very refreshing!"

-Sébastien Portebois,Software architect at Ubisoft

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"It turned out that many of the problems that engineers face when writing software for their machines are similar to those faced by developers working on web applications... It is definitely an excellent reference book, with tables that allow the reader to easily find the pattern that will be the solution to the problem at hand."

-Michal Paskiewicz, Navico link to review

"I have confidence that you’ll find this book well-researched and useful as you study, design, build and maintain control systems for work machines."

- Robert S. Hanmer, Nokia Read the whole review

"My favorite books that I recommend" -Colm MacCárthaigh, Amazon Web Services

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