Designing Distributed Control Systems

A Pattern Language Approach

The book offers 80 tried-and-tested design patterns for creating efficient distributed machine control software. Derived from industry leaders' systems, these patterns address common challenges like long lifecycles, distribution, real-time operation, and fault tolerance. Each pattern presents a specific design problem along with solutions, trade-offs, and guidance for incremental design growth.

Organized by problem categories, these patterns facilitate easy problem-solving. Quality aspects such as performance and extendibility are integrated into the pattern descriptions. The book includes an illustrative software architecture designed by industry experts using these patterns. This real-world example demonstrates how these patterns guide system design, benefiting both novices and experts.

By utilizing these patterns, you can ensure high-quality machine control systems that meet evolving market demands for quality, maintenance ease, efficiency, productivity, and environmental considerations. Improve the quality and efficiency of your distributed control systems with these proven methodologies from our expert author team.

The book will prove valuable to companies involved in the development of moving machinery, process automation, complex embedded systems and similar technologies. It is primarily targeted at individuals in roles such as architects, designers, software developers, and product owners. However, it also provides valuable insights for individuals at various levels of management. Furthermore, it is written in a manner that makes it accessible and comprehensible for students in diverse engineering disciplines.