Veli-Pekka Eloranta

Veli-Pekka Eloranta finished his Phd with distinct of honor in Tampere University in 2015. Topic of his thesis was Techniques and practices for Software Architecture Work in Agile Software Development. Veli-Pekka has been active member in design pattern community over 15 years and has chaired several PLoP conferences. Many of the patterns in the book Designing Distributed Control Systems: A Pattern Language Approach has been workshopped in PLoP conferences. Veli-Pekka has a special place in his heart for agile software development and he is one of the authors of A Scrum Book which was written by ScrumPLoP patterns group. Currently Veli-Pekka works as a Business director at Vincit Plc.

Ville Reijonen

Ville Reijonen did his M.Sc studies at Tampere University of Technology and acquired the diploma 2009. While working as a researcher at Tampere University of Technology joined with the fellow authors in Sulake and Sulava research projects between 2008 and 2010. Ville moved to Helsinki in 2010 and paused his advanced studies while still actively continuing the publishing effort with the group. After the book Ville participated to writing Scrum patterns that were also later published as a "Scrum Book". In industry Ville has been working in various roles as Agile Coach, Cloud Architect, ScrumMaster, Senior Engineer, Project Manager and Developer. Currently Ville is an independent consultant and coach with his own Itio Consulting ltd.

Johannes Koskinen

Johannes Koskinen finished his PhD on software architectural behavior in 2008. After finishing PhD he was asked to join Sulake project as a project manager in 2008 to analyze and assess software architectures of existing embedded systems, especially in machine industry. He continued his academic carrier by working as a post-doc research fellow at Tampere University of Technology. His research focused on software architectures, web applications, and cloud environments. He has also given lectures to several universities in Finland on software architectures. Currently he is working as a distributed control system architect in Sandvik Mining and Construction Plc.

Marko Leppänen

Marko Leppänen was born in 1979 in Finland. He aqcuired his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 2004 at Tampere University of Technology, where he spent the next decade as a researcher, culminating in doctorate in 2017 at the same university. A great part of his research done with the heavy industry revolves around patterns and machines as showcased by the book "Designing Distributed Control Systems: A Pattern Language Approach" by Wiley.Today he is working as an industry expert in the field of distributed systems.

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